ambivalence can ruin your life

JK but no ibhavent gotten lip injections all I want is a nose job

Anonymous asks: Have you ever had lip injections?

I’m sso offended

Anonymous asks: what do u do when u feel really gross and wanna step up ur game?

Exfoliate and watch the chimamanda ngozi adichie feminist lecture utube vid

he dnt like hoes but that’s all he follow on instagram

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:^( looks way sadder than :-(

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kim cattrall shot by steve schapiro, 1987

On another note I just took sum more cute nudes

My mission in life is to brutally destroy anybody that’s ever leaked somebody’s nudes 2 the public

Anonymous asks: Like how tall are you girl? And how much you weigh? You r fabulus.

I’m 5’6 and currently feeding my dog cheerios

Okkkk.. 👀

Okkkk.. 👀

I just choked on an apple for the third time this week

RIP Ariana

RIP Ariana

It’s noon and my mmatushka is drunk and I’m bout to take some mean selfies